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Dr Simon Kistemaker (1930-2017)

February 2018

Dr Simon J. Kistemaker was born on 21 October 1930 and passed away on 23 September 2017. According to a statement from the Reformed Theological Seminary (RTS) in the US, Dr Kistemaker’s teaching ministry at RTS began in 1971.

After he left RTS Jackson in 1996, he and his wife Jean came to RTS Orlando, and he taught on the Orlando campus until 2011. Known affectionately as ‘Dr K’, his 52 years of teaching, and scholarly and publishing achievements, were widely accessible. His staff and faculty colleagues will remember him for his constant cheerfulness, prayerfulness, wisdom, and kindness.

The statement recalled how he walked daily from his nearby home to campus; ate an apple daily for lunch, core included; taught Sunday school at Orangewood Presbyterian Church; attended Sabbath evening worship at Reformation OPC; and possessed a lifelong intellectual curiosity, which led him to learn Coptic in his 80s.

His union with Jean of 61 years produced seven children, 22 grandchildren, and 12 great-grandchildren. Dr K died after a brief illness. He spoke his final ‘amen’ after hearing Psalm 23 read to him, and entered into the joy of his Master.

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