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October 2014

The world’s largest ever dinosaur, discovered in Argentina, has been named Dreadnoughtus because of its enormous size, scientists have said.

A science report from the BBC claimed that the fossils discovered contained nearly 70 per cent of the key bones needed to describe the Dreadnoughtus schrani, which, at 26m from head to tail, is longer than two London buses parked end-to-end.

The dinosaur would have weighed nearly 60 tonnes, more than the average Boeing 737-900 range of aircraft, and its tail is estimated to have been 9m in length.

Quoted in the journal Scientific reports, the researchers claimed the fossils are 77 million years old and, according to Kenneth Lacovara from Drexel University in Philadelphia, US, the dinosaur would have made T-Rex look puny.

He said this was why the herbivore has been given a name that recalls the massive battleships that revolutionised naval warfare in the early 1900s.

Mr Lacovara said, ‘Dreadnoughtus was huge, and in its environment there would have been nothing that could have preyed on it; it was essentially impervious to attack.

‘That evoked in my mind those turn-of-the-last-century battleships — the first really big steel battleships — that were also impervious to attack from the other ships that existed at that time. So, what better name than “dread nought: fear nothing”?’



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