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Dudley Convention examines ‘the Christian’s safety’

September 2021 | by Evangelical Times

David Campbell
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Having had to postpone his visit to us for a year due to the pandemic, we were pleased that David Campbell was able to come and take our convention at the end of May.

The Dudley Convention has been a long-standing feature of our church life, and every year proves to be a blessing to us as a congregation. Meetings are held in the evenings of Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, as well as the two Sunday services.

As Mr Campbell led us into the material, he raised the question ‘How will it all end?’ This, in a sense, is what Paul sets out to answer in Romans 8:31-39. The answer that the apostle gives assures every Christian of their indisputable safety.

We saw how the believer’s safety is grounded on several points by the apostle. We are safe because God is for us (v. 31); we are safe because Christ died for us (v. 32); we are safe because we are justified (v. 33); we are safe because Christ intercedes for us (v. 34); and we are safe because Christ loves us (vv. 35–39).

Indeed, the love Christ has for his people is so strong that nothing exists that can break it. Paul emphasises this by considering many potential threats in order to deny that any of them can do us harm. The love of Christ guarantees our safety.

And so, rejoicing that we are ‘more than conquerors through him who loved us’, we continue on our pilgrim way, greatly heartened by the truths of the gospel, and glad to have heard those truths proclaimed and applied again.

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