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EA loses patience with Oasis

June 2014

The Evangelical Alliance (EA) has discontinued the EA membership of church-based charity the Oasis Trust after its founder, Steve Chalke, continued to support same-sex marriages.

Oasis Trust had been part of the membership of the EA, but since January 2013, when Mr Chalke wrote an article expressing his view that Christians of integrity should support same-sex marriages and ‘lifelong, monogamous relationships’, the board of Oasis Trust and the EA have been in deep discussion.

The EA has taken a strong stance against recent legislation allowing same-sex marriages in the UK, and found that comments made prominently at the time of this legislation, on the Oasis Trust website, were in contravention of the EA’s stance.

In a statement, the EA said, ‘The Oasis board … were unwilling to fulfil the council’s request to adjust the content of their website/resources and social media output to equally profile the traditional Christian view.

‘The EA council remains deeply respectful of the work and achievements of the Oasis Trust and has a strong desire to avoid any unseemly dispute and to speak well of each other’.

A responding statement from Oasis Trust, read: ‘The Board of Oasis is deeply saddened by the decision of the Evangelical Alliance to remove Oasis from its membership … and continues to give Mr Chalke full support on his quest to seek an open and honest conversation among the church on these issues and on how to restore society’s confidence in the Bible more generally’.









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