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Edinburgh City Council deplatforms evangelist

April 2020 | by John Tredgett

Larry Stockstill, an American minister due to speak at the Surge conference in June, has been banned by Edinburgh’s local authority for his views on homosexuality.

Stockstill was scheduled to deliver the keynote address at Edinburgh’s prestigious Usher Hall.

Larry Stockstill
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The Surge conference is an annual, Charismatic gathering organised by Destiny Church in Glasgow. Gavin Calver, head of the Evangelical Alliance, was also due to speak at the conference.

Edinburgh City Council received complaints concerning past comments made by Stockstill. He has described homosexuality as ‘offensive’ and ‘deeply grievous’ and called abortion ‘demonic’. The council affirmed that it was committed to ‘promoting diversity’ and that Stockstill’s views fell foul of this standard.

The American evangelist, who usually ministers at Bethany Church in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, has been involved in pastoral work since the 1980s. He founded the Surge Project in 2001, whose stated aim is to promote church planting. His keynote speech at the Surge conference was to be entitled ‘The purpose and privilege of pastoring’.

The conference organisers, Destiny Ministries, are seeking alternative arrangements for the conference.

John Tredgett

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