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Education – Dinosaur roadshow

April 2017

Dinosaurs fascinate both young and old. Books showing their spectacular forms, awesome teeth and fierce claws keep children occupied for hours. They are intriguing and mysterious, and often portrayed as from ‘another world’ totally different from our own. But how do they fit into the Bible?

Starting this March, Creation Ministries International has been on the road, bringing a dinosaur experience to families across the UK and Republic of Ireland.

Children have been meeting Valentino, our larger-than-life Velociraptor — quite a scary guy! — and sitting astride Alexis, our adorable Allosaurus. But there is also a serious side, where we seek to answer people’s questions about how these magnificent creatures fit within the framework of biblical history.

Our speakers give informative, family-friendly PowerPoint presentations that amaze children and parents alike (more at

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