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Education – Emmaus School, Staverton

August 2016

Emmaus School in Staverton, Wiltshire, has recently unveiled its building extension plans. Starting in 1997 with just four pupils, the school, which is rooted in Christian values, has grown to more than 65 students, aged from Reception to Year 11.

Occupying the site formerly used by the local primary school, a Victorian building dating to 1880, the increasing class sizes and wider range of subjects offered at GCSE has meant space has become a real issue.

Miriam Wiltshire, head teacher, said, ‘We are excited that not only do the plans incorporate the additional classroom, but also allow for a dedicated art studio, music room, and improved toilet and changing facilities’.

The extension will mean the school will have the space and resources it needs, following the addition of an extra classroom eight years ago, plus give the school disability access. The school has set up a monthly donation scheme through which it hopes to raise most of the outstanding amount.

Emmaus School is also celebrating a recent good independent inspection review, which highlighted the school’s above average academic achievements, the ‘impeccable behaviour’ of its pupils, and the school’s outstanding provision of spiritual, moral, cultural and social education.

Ms Wiltshire said, ‘All our teaching is based on biblical values and when people visit the school, everyone comments on the caring, family atmosphere’. With the rise of home schooling and alternative forms of education, Christian schools are increasingly being seen as a viable option for parents.

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