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Education – Family Education Trust AGM

September 2017

The transgender agenda is having a serious effect on school policies, the chairman of the Family Education Trust (FET) has warned. In his opening address to the 2017 annual general meeting, held in London, Arthur Cornell gave a broad overview of some key issues that had arisen in relation to the welfare of children and young people in the previous year.

He referred to various ways in which the transgender agenda was having an impact on school policies, the increased incidence of online grooming and bullying, the pressures reported by social services due to a record number of ‘problem parents’, and the rise in alcohol-related deaths among young women.

Mr Cornell also expressed concern about the long-term consequences of the high proportion of births outside marriage. He cited the findings of an international study on cohabitation that demonstrated that levels of family instability are higher in areas where more children are born to single parents or cohabiting couples. He noted that instability is costly economically, socially and personally.

On a more hopeful note, Mr Cornell observed that recent research into Generation Z (those born since 2001) suggested it may be the most socially conservative generation since the Second World War, in terms of attitudes towards same-sex marriage, transgender rights and cannabis legislation. There was also evidence of a prudent approach to saving and spending.

Mr Cornell encouraged supporters to continue communicating the truth about marriage and stable family life, in such a way young people can evaluate the truth for themselves, and parents will know they are not alone in encouraging their children to challenge an oppressive culture and take responsibility for their own decisions.

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