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Education – WEST becomes Union

March 2016

The Wales Evangelical School of Theology (WEST) has left its traditional heartland of Bridgend, Wales, to set up headquarters in Oxford.

In January 2016, WEST rebranded as Union, a new and larger international ministry headquartered in Oxford and led by Rev. Dr Michael Reeves.

Dr Reeves is director of the European Theologians Network. He was previously head of theology for Universities and Colleges Christian Fellowship and an associate minister at All Souls Church, Langham Place, London. 

According to a statement, Union will have four departments: research, school, resources and, ultimately, mission. The ultimate purpose and vision of Union is mission. Union will serve the church and aid her in her mission to re-evangelise Europe, in partnership with others.

The research, school and resources departments will together establish the theological and spiritual robustness of Union’s mission, while the overall aim and structure of Union will be to maintain clarity and unity of missional vision throughout the organisation.

WEST/Union says: ‘The result will be the most joined up missions strategy since the Reformation. Our Oxford research centre will fuel our essential mission, as well as serving the UK church more broadly as a centre of excellence for evangelical theology’.

The Union School of Theology will consist of two main components: the West campus; and regional and international learning communities.

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