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Creationism in Scotland

March 2015

The Free Church of Scotland has been campaigning against concerted plans to remove creationism from schools across the country.

Rev. David Robertson, who is to become Free Church Moderator in May, has voiced his concern that the Scottish Secular Society (SSS) has succeeded in getting a petition to decision-makers in the Scottish government.

His comment came after a parliamentary committee passed a petition to the Education and Culture Committee to ban the teaching of creationism, just shortly after the government and teaching unions had told members of the Scottish Parliament that it was not an issue in schools.

The SSS has been campaigning to stop teachers from presenting the idea that God created the world to any class in any school. Mr Robertson said the SSS’s motivation was to undermine Christianity in schools.
He said, ‘The SSS is demanding that children be told what to think. The Free Church of Scotland believes that children should be taught how to think.

‘It is sad that, at a time when people are rightly claiming the right to free speech, the free expression of ideas, no matter how offensive, and the right to question and think for oneself, the petitioners are campaigning to exclude from the Scottish education system those who do not share their philosophy and their values’.

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