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EMF Zoom youth conference

September 2020 | by Jonathan Jeffreys

Filipe Rodrigues
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The European Mission Fellowship held their first youth conference via Zoom in July. Around 30 young people joined online for the event. Filipe Rodrigues from Portugal was the guest missionary speaker.

The programme included an introduction to the work of EMF by Mission Director Steven Bowers, a quiz on Europe, a Portuguese song, a book review, and reports on the work in Portugal.

Steven emphasised the challenges presented by the call to mission in Europe as well as the opportunities for EMF.

He also gave us three guiding principles of EMF: the Faith – commitment to historic, biblical Christianity; the Field – Europe is a needy continent; and the Family – planting, serving, and partnering with local churches.

Phil Dunn (EMF’s NI rep) followed with a glowing book review of A Time for Confidence by Stephen Nichols.

Filipe then introduced us to Portugal. He said it remains a spiritually dark place with less than 1% identifying as evangelical Christians. His ministry focus includes biblical education, pastoral commitment, and church planting.

Prayer points were given for church plants in Azoia and Loures, and the development of the children’s work into a Christian school.

We were all challenged with his message on mission: ‘Mission is important because we take the gospel – God’s transformative power – to everyone. Will you partake?’

The conference ended with a Zoom breakout session in which Filipe fielded questions from those in attendance.

We hope, God-willing, to run another youth conference next year and encourage all young believers to attend.

Jonathan Jeffreys

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6 months ago

How do I find the ‘Letters’ page?

Andrew Rowell
6 months ago

The letters are not published onto the website. They are in the hardcopy and the paid online subscription.