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December 2014 | by David Butler

‘Great are the works of the Lord; they are pondered by all who delight in them’ (Psalm 111:2). These were the words with which Martin Leech, director of the European Missionary Fellowship (EMF), opened a session at the mission’s October autumn conference.

EMF missionaries came from Belarus, Belgium, Czech Republic, Romania, Spain and the UK to stay at the mission’s HQ, Guessens, for a long weekend of Bible ministry, reports, prayer, discussion and fellowship.

Public meetings were held there on the Friday evening, at which Matt Hill, the new Director of Spanish Christian publishing house Editorial Peregrino, and István Salánki from London’s Hungarian Reformed Church, spoke of their ministries.

On Saturday 18 October, two further public meetings were held at Welwyn Evangelical Church, during which reports were given by Pál Borzási (Romania), Michael Robinson (Belgium), José de Segovia (Spain) and Jan Hábl (Czech Republic).

The Bible ministry at both the Friday evening and Saturday meetings was from Rev. Andrew Davies. On the Sunday, EMF missionaries Matt Hill and Michael Robinson preached at Welwyn Evangelical Church.

There was free time on Monday for some of the group to visit St Albans in the afternoon, stopping off at a superstore on their way back to Guessens, to stock up on items to take back home. Farewells were said on the Tuesday, when some of the missionaries returned home, and others stayed on in the UK to speak at various deputation meetings.

David Butler



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