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EMW summer camps

October 2015

Beach roadThe Evangelical Movement of Wales (EMW) saw more than 400 children and young people attending the 11 camps that it ran over the summer.

According to a statement from the EMW Camps Committee, all the children heard the good news of Jesus Christ; some have become Christians and others have been strengthened in their faith; more have still to respond positively to the offer of new life.

According to Mark Barnes, one of the leaders of camp 10, Dyffryn Ardudwy, there had been some rather interesting incidents in the camp, including a marriage and a birth!

He said, ‘There cannot be many camps that can boast a wedding and the birth of a child, but two of our officers married each other on Saturday (joining the camp on Sunday).

‘Then, late on Sunday night, our chaplain had a call from his wife to say that she had gone into labour, two weeks early. Thankfully he was able to get to the hospital an hour before his daughter was born, and returned to camp on Tuesday afternoon’.

By God’s grace, the camp was not disrupted and Mr Barnes said the camp felt the presence of God. He said, ‘We looked at what Jesus said about the Bible in the preaching meetings, and everyone was listening attentively.

‘As is often on camp, it can take a few days for campers to open up, but that began to happen. Some campers from Christian homes began to realise that perhaps they had been pretending to be Christians’.

From camp 11, also at Dyffryn Ardudwy but for 14-18 year olds, one of the leaders Paul Daniel said it had been a tough start, mostly because of some stormy weather, although this cleared up later in the week.

He said, ‘Matt Bownds took us through some challenging topics, such as what the Bible says about spiritual warfare, assurance, sex and relationships. We saw campers coming forward with thoughtful and honest questions as they grapple with the Christian walk. It is clear that our campers face a tough time away from camp in a secular society’.

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