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Erroll Hulse (1931-2017)

September 2017 | by John Murray

We heard from his family on 3 August of the passing of Pastor Erroll Hulse, in the Wetherby Manor Nursing Home, where he had been cared for recently, after suffering a stroke three and a half years ago.

Erroll was born in South Africa in 1931 and graduated in architecture at Pretoria University. Helped by the preaching of Welsh evangelist Ivor Powell, he came with his wife Lyn to study at London Bible College, as ‘a dogmatic Arminian.’

Through the lectures of Dr E. F. Kevan, the preaching of Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones and the friendship of Rev. Iain H. Murray, he was greatly helped to accept the doctrines of grace. He later acknowledged that ‘it was the reading of the recently published commentary by Robert Haldane on Romans, in five volumes (published by Jay Green), that cured me completely of Arminianism. By the end of Romans 3, I was a firm, five-point Calvinist’.

With a growing conviction of the need for Reformed books he joined in 1957 with Iain Murray in the pioneer work of the Banner of Truth Trust, acting as manager.

In 1962 he accepted pastoral oversight of Cuckfield Baptist Church and continued with the Trust until 1967, when he became full-time pastor at Cuckfield. While there, he exercised a wide and varied ministry. In 1970 he launched Reformation Today magazine, of which he was editor until 2013.

Conference ministry

Erroll organised the Carey Conference, which still meets in January each year. After leaving Cuckfield in 1985, he was pastor for three years of Belvidere Road Church in Liverpool, before joining the pastoral team at Leeds Reformed Baptist Church, which he served until his illness.

Erroll was characterised by warmth and enthusiasm. This was evident in the preaching of the gospel, in a great heart for evangelism, in concern for revival, in worldwide mission interest and in the translation and distribution of Reformed writings.

He was a gifted conference speaker and organised conferences all over the world. He will be particularly remembered as the inspiration behind, and the organiser of, African Pastors Conferences for black ministers in the southern nations of Africa.

It was during one such conference that he took the severe stroke that handicapped him. But from his sick bed, for three and a half years, he continued his fervent interest in and prayer for mission work worldwide, and was an encouragement to the many who visited him.

We remember his family Sharon, Michelle, Neil and Joanne, who cared for him so lovingly. His wife Lyn predeceased him in 2013.

This year is the 60th anniversary of the formation of the Banner of Truth Trust. We honour a colleague who played a vital role in that Reformed recovery which has reverberated round the world. ‘Yea, saith the Spirit, that they may rest from their labours and their works do follow them’ (Revelation 14:13).

John J. Murray

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