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Ethics – Church same-sex wedding

November 2017

The Anglican Communion has started action against the Scottish Episcopal Church for hosting a same-sex church wedding, the first ever by a mainstream denomination in the UK.

According to The Times, St. John’s Church in Edinburgh recently hosted the wedding of Peter Matthews and Alistair Dinnie. However, as this runs counter to the Church of England’s policy on same-sex marriage, Anglican leaders met in Canterbury to decide what action they should take against the Scottish church, which has about 60,000 members and 350 congregations.

According to reports, Rev. Markus Dunzkofer, the rector at St John’s, was quoted as saying it was the right thing to do. He is reported to have said: ‘Finally being able to do the whole thing felt like the fulfilment of where the Spirit had been telling us to get to. It completely made sense; it all came together’.

Earlier this year, conservative members of the Church of England wrote an open letter, warning of a growing divide in the Church over LGBTQ issues.

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