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Ethics – Parents’ fear over transgender

January 2018

Stephanie Davies-Arai
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Parents of children pushed by doctors and social workers into becoming transgender have issued warnings about ‘blind acceptance’ by clinical staff making referrals.

Reports from the Mail on Sunday have highlighted concerns raised by Transgender Trend (TT), which claims children seeking advice have been referred to specialist transgender clinics after 40 minutes, without any proper psychiatric or medical consultation.

According to TT, teenagers as young as 13 are being railroaded into changing gender by overzealous NHS therapists and GP surgeries, who are more concerned not to show ‘offence’ than about the welfare of the child.

Some doctors have claimed they fear being sued, after the NHS last year signed a memorandum of understanding, that forbids staff from challenging patients who claim they are born in the wrong sex.

While children are coming forward in ever-increasing numbers to say they believe they were born the wrong sex, there are fears therapists are ignoring exacerbating conditions, such as autism, depression or other behavioural complications.

This comes as parents have warned against transgender being promoted widely on YouTube, targeting children through popular live bloggers.

Web users can get tips on how to obtain hormone drugs and other sex change aids. But some of the messages are even more sinister. The campaign group has highlighted comments by anonymous writers, who have been encouraging teenagers to harm themselves or even threaten suicide if their parents refuse to allow them to swap gender.

Stephanie Davies-Arai, founder of TT, said, ‘I would estimate we’ve been contacted by more than 100 parents over the past two years. What parents are saying is they’re deeply worried that NHS counsellors and therapists are immediately suggesting an appointment with a gender identity clinic’.

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