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Ethics – Pro-gay charity tackles churches

April 2018

A new organisation has been established to subvert churches and other religious groups that hold to traditional beliefs about sexual ethics.

The Ozanne Foundation was set up in January by Jayne Ozanne, who describes herself as a ‘gay evangelical’. The new foundation has gained support from some leading figures in the Church of England, including the Bishop of Liverpool, Rt Rev. Paul Bayes, who is the new chairman.

As reported in the English Churchman, other trustees include Very Rev. David Ison, dean of St Paul’s Cathedral, while a council of reference comprises several well-known names, including Very Rev. Jefferey John, Bishop of St Albans, and Rev. Steve Chalke of the Oasis Foundation.

Another trustee is the editor of the Church of England Newspaper, whose editorial board also includes well-known evangelical Christians, such as Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali. As the English Churchman editorial commented, ‘It remains to be seen whether they are prepared to continue in such a role’.

As quoted in the Oxford Mail, Ms Ozanne claimed the Bible does not regard homosexuality as a sin. She said, ‘It’s a simplistic and ill-informed view of the Bible. I think people hide behind the Scripture. There is nothing in there about same-sex love’. Some of the commentators on that article were quick to cite many biblical passages on exactly that topic!

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