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Ethics – Teenage pregnancies fall

July 2017

Sexual health service cuts have contributed, surprisingly to some, to a fall in teenage pregnancies across the UK.

Between 1999 and 2010, the government ran a teenage pregnancy strategy, which handed out contraceptives and provide sex and relationships education. When funding for this was cut in 2010, critics warned this would have a direct impact on the rate of teenage pregnancies, claiming it would rise. However, instead, the number of teenage pregnancies since 2010 has fallen.

As reported by the Christian Institute, Professor David Paton and research assistant Liam Wright have found that the government’s provision of contraception and sex advice may have encouraged risky behaviour, rather than curbed it. In his study, published in the Journal of Health Economics, Prof. Paton found the greatest drop in teenage pregnancies occurred in areas where funding cuts were most severe.

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