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Ethics – UK family life

December 2017

Christian charity CARE has welcomed a debate held at the House of Lords, in which a manifesto to strengthen families has been discussed.

The debate, secured by Lord Farmer, discussed the findings of the manifesto, not least the appalling cost of family breakdown and the need to help struggling families in the UK.

During the discussion, Lord Farmer noted the incredible cost of family breakdown in the UK, which is almost £50bn a year. He noted, among other things, the need for the government to appoint a minister with responsibility for families and children.

According to a statement from CARE: ‘Encouragingly, almost all speakers either explicitly or tacitly acknowledged the essential role families play in upholding society and the need for the government to do more to support them. Lord Morrow, particularly, spoke of the need to strengthen marriage, due to the associated benefits marriage conveys for individuals, communities and society as a whole’.

The statement quoted one peer, Lord Elton, who in his closing remarks, commented, ‘We must recover faith. I argue passionately for the Christian faith because I am a Christian and I believe that Christ is my Saviour. Faith gives stability to character, and it is stable characters we need for stable families’.

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