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ET’s new ‘Find a Church’ feature

January 2014

Evangelical Times has been working in partnership with TruthVine to produce a new ‘Find a Church’ feature for our web site. This is now available for anyone to use. Churches that were in the ET Holiday Churches list last year will automatically appear on our web site. If your church is not included, you can sign up for free at

If you need to find a good church when you are on holiday or travelling on business, this is the way to do it! Just type in the name of the place you are travelling to, or a postcode, and our web site will show you a list of the evangelical churches near by, all marked up on a helpful map. Each church has its own profile page, which will give you service times and contact details. View it on your smart phone, and it will even give you directions to the church from right where you are!

Try out the new ‘Find a Church’ feature at

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