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Evangelical Times web site

April 2012

Evangelical Times web site

Many readers will be aware of the Evangelical Times web site. This has been completely renewed, with the new version now nearly a year old. The web site address is:
Readers will probably not know of more recent changes to the ET web site that are now available for users. In the rest of this article, Andrew Rowell gives ET readers a guided tour of the web site’s new functionalities.

Online Events Diary

The Events Diary ( is now also published on the web site as well as in the hard copy newspaper, along with a form to fill in so that future events can easily be submitted online. If accepted, these event notifications will be published both on the web site and in the newspaper.

Online reviews

The entire book review process now takes place in conjunction with the web site. This means that all the book reviews are now available on the web site, along with a link allowing the online purchase of the book. (

Online mission map

All the relevant world mission (missionary spotlight) articles from past ET issues have been integrated with an interactive world map.
    If you want to find out about the missionary or church situation in any particular country, you can click on that country and access all the past missionary articles relevant to it.
    Over the last 15 years, about three-quarters of the world has been covered by ET’s in-depth, systematic missionary reporting of nation by nation. This has resulted in ET possessing a unique and readily accessible archive of missionary information and insight, as extensive in world vision as Operation World but with more insightful theological analysis, and with definite fraternal links to Reformed, evangelical missions and churches.

Online interactive timeline

All historical articles from past ET newspapers are now available to web site visitors through an interactive timeline.

    For any period of
history you can see at a glance which important events and important people were involved. These individual timelines can then be clicked for further information and access to the relevant article from the archive (

UK holiday churches

The directory of churches that is published in the June edition of the ET newspaper each year is now available in the form of an interactive ‘Google map’:

This allows viewers to see quickly which churches from the ET list are nearest and to easily access the relevant details about the church.

Evangelical Times online

The electronic version of the newspaper is available online for just £8.00 for a whole year. This can be purchased either as well as the hard copy of the newspaper, or instead of it for those who like reading from a screen or an electronic reading device!

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