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Evangelical Times

October 2008

Evangelical Times


ET has this summer appointed a new management board. The committee will be responsible for overseeing the ongoing ministry and editorial direction of all Evangelical Times products – including its monthly newspaper, web site, quarterly international edition and Perspectives booklet series.

     The board consists of Roger Fay (chairman), Paul Garner, John Lodge, Philip Metcalfe, Willis Metcalfe, Stuart Olyott and Andrew Rowell.

     The board asks for the prayers of ET readers that God will be pleased to use every facet of this ministry to magnify his Son Jesus Christ and disseminate the glorious truths of his redeeming grace across the world.

     Relatively recent ET initiatives have included producing the popular December edition with its dedicated evangelistic articles and testimonies (see p. 32); and producing a four-monthly youth supplement – largely commissioned and written by teenagers, for the blessing of other teenagers (see p. 1).

     Evangelical Times is a charitable company. Out of any profits made, ET subsidises both its international quarterly edition and a sister quarterly newspaper in French, produced by Europresse – Les Echos de la Vérité.Newspaper ministry has a particular potential in second and third world communities where books are expensive.


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