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Evangelism in the time of Covid

September 2020 | by Mr Alan Hill

Evangelism in the time of Covid – witnessing in Montreux
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Lausanne Free Church, an English-speaking fellowship in Switzerland, has been adapting its evangelism to the challenges of Covid-19.

The nearby city of Montreux is a tourist hotspot in summer, but it has been very quiet in recent months.

LFC usually engages in outdoor evangelism once a month in Montreux, famed for its annual jazz festival. Its waterfront promenade attracts much footfall and the church has a purpose-built kiosk stocked with evangelistic literature.

In July, we resumed outreach following the easing of lockdown restrictions. Nine church members travelled to Montreux, where we used various activities to facilitate conversations with passersby.

Helium balloons inscribed with the text of John 3:16 were offered – ideal gifts for children! Friendship bracelets explaining the gospel were also handed out to youngsters.

Montreux is a cosmopolitan place, and tables with free Bibles and tracts in many languages were available.

We displayed a board with a ‘Question of the day’ (in this case: Is the Bible true?). Onlookers could indicate their response by placing a green, red or yellow ball in a box to show agreement, disagreement, or uncertainty. Encouraging people to stop and talk is always the challenge, but this served as a good conversation-starter!

It was a successful afternoon; good conversations were had and literature was distributed. We are grateful to God for this ideal location and the freedom to evangelise.

In this time of Covid we have a message of hope. Let us not hide our light under a bushel but look for ways that we can shine a light in a dark and anxious world.

Alan Hill

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