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Event – Christian Heritage Centre, Rowley Regis

February 2018 | by Roland Burrows

The good hand of God continues to bless the work of the Christian Heritage Centre, in Rowley Regis, Birmingham. 2017 ended with a well attended afternoon of lectures, commemorating the 500th anniversary of Luther’s nailing of the 95 theses to the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg. The two splendid lectures were given by Pastor Jonathan Stobbs of Penzance.

The centre was presented with a three-dimensional model made to scale and depicting the local area as it was in 1880. This superbly finished piece of work, created by local man Mr Melvin Jackson, took approximately five years to research and complete.

This same friend has also made for the exhibition a working model of Gutenberg’s fifteenth century printing press, which we have been able to display alongside the magnificent facsimiles of Gutenberg’s first printed Bible, which we purchased in 2016.

During 2017, we were enabled to renew all the centre’s panels, giving the whole exhibition a new uplift. We are indebted to David Driver for his invaluable help with this. A local primary school visited in the closing weeks of the year and we were presented with a selection of children’s writing produced after their visit to the centre.

The final opening of the year in December featured what has become a local event, the Christmas second-hand book sale. This brought in a good number of first-time visitors and raised just over £200.

I take this opportunity to thank folk from far and wide who have donated books during 2017. We are always glad to receive gifts of unwanted books. Many of these are sold, but some enter the exhibition, and others are kept for the library that we are building up of more rare or out-of-print books.

We are grateful for all those who pray for this work, give time to help at the various functions; and those from up and down the country who show an interest and encourage us in the work.

Roland Burrows

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