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Event – Creation roadshows

October 2018 | by Andy McIntosh

Early June, I was in the Isle of Lewis, which was a great blessing as we had never been to these remoter parts of Scotland.  Lewis has seen revivals, which has meant a greater knowledge of gospel truth, but a generation has now arisen which has less knowledge of the Bible and the schools are being pushed to come into line with evolutionary thinking.

I was able to speak at a secondary school in Stornoway to the class on Philosophy who listened very intently. I also did three main talks. On Thursday 31 May in Scalpay, an island off Lewis, I spoke on ‘Creation – the Cardinal Truths’. On Friday 1 June I spoke in the town hall in Stornoway on the subject of ‘Has Science killed God?’ Lastly, on Saturday 2 June, I gave a talk at the Clan MacQuarrie Centre, Borve, on Lewis on ‘The Wonders of Hearing’.

In the end, the last meeting of all was held on Sunday 3 June at the Bridge Centre, Stornoway, on the subject of ‘What about the fossils?’ This was meant to be a youth meeting, but drew many people old and young alike from across Stornoway and it was packed out with many asking serious questions.

It was a very worthwhile visit to the Hebrides, which saw some believers really seeing the importance of believing in Genesis. Over the rest of the summer, I have spent much time on open-air missions, which have been worthwhile, in Cambridge, Canterbury and Bournemouth.

Cambridge saw a number of conversations with students, Canterbury had flocks of people visiting the old city and the cathedral.  The highlight at Canterbury was a person visiting us who was converted as a result of the Canterbury mission last year and is now witnessing to her husband.

The highlight of Bournemouth was speaking with so many Muslims learning English from countries right across North Africa and the Middle East, and many ordinary people listened as the gospel was explained to them.

We noticed there was more vocal opposition in Bournemouth than previous years. As I spoke against atheism on one of the days, the board got kicked over by a heckler and as he was threatening me, a person from the crowd (an ex-policeman) rugby tackled him to the ground and held him in a professional lock. So it is certainly not boring on these missions!

Andy McIntosh

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