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Event – Farewell at Hanney

November 2017 | by Mike Finnis

It was a bitter-sweet weekend for members of Hanney Chapel, Oxfordshire, when they moved into their newly extended and refurbished building in September. It was also the occasion of a farewell tea in honour of Bob and Gwyn Pritchard, a couple who have played a key part in the transformation of the village chapel.

The new £130,000 extension to one side of the chapel balanced an extension a few years ago on the other side to provide Sunday school rooms. Designed by church member Christian Randall, it gives a new glass frontage, new kitchen, crèche room and storage space, while increasing capacity for meetings.

Pastor Mark Fisher said, ‘I think we are all thrilled as a church to have a much improved facility, with lots more space and versatility. We are grateful to the Lord for providing the means to go ahead with the extension’. He added, ‘Bob and Gwyn will be greatly missed. We are very grateful to them for their work for the chapel’.

Mr Pritchard was transferred with others as an elder from Abbey Church, Abingdon, two decades ago, in response to an appeal for help from the two remaining members of Hanney Chapel.

Mr and Mrs Pritchard are moving on to Kent to be nearer their family. ‘It has been wonderful how God has blessed the work at Hanney’, said Mr Pritchard.

Mike Finnis


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