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Event – Science and faith

May 2018

Glasgow played host to a large crowd on Friday 9 March, as people gathered to hear a talk by John Lennox, professor of mathematics at Oxford University.

The internationally renowned speaker took as his subject the interface between science, philosophy and religion, in a lecture called Are God and faith anti-science and anti-reason?

This topic hit a nerve, as the joint event between Glasgow University Christian Union and mission organisation Echoes International saw all 500 tickets go within a week, with a large waiting list of more people keen to come along.

A full house at the Tron Church, Kelvingrove, near Glasgow University, heard John Lennox explore these questions. He reflected: ‘I think young people are beginning to get tired of strident aggressive atheism. They are also increasingly preoccupied by the search for a fulfilled life and find no credible solution in the moral relativism they meet everywhere.

‘Attendance at such lectures shows to me that many are still open to having another look — or perhaps a first look — at discussion about the God-question that does not insult their intelligence’.

The event was live-streamed and recorded and can be viewed at

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