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Event – The art of faithful failure

December 2018

Michael Harvey with Sally Phillips
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Seventy per cent of Christians know who they want to invite to church, but never do — something Michael Harvey, founder of the National Weekend of Invitation and Back to Church Sunday, reckons can change if Christians think differently.

Talking to a packed hall at the Christian Resources Exhibition 2018, at Sandown Park in October, his audience gave him a number of reasons why they might not invite others to church: fear of rejection; not knowing a neighbour well enough; frightened they would be considered as harassing; and concerned that, if accepting, the friend might not like the style of worship in the church.

He told the audience: ‘This course is not about your reasons; it is about you. God can use people who are scared and concerned about what will happen. He uses the reasons why we feel we cannot go to make us go’.

He said we need to change the culture of invitations to church: ‘Success is one person inviting one person, as prompted by God. Success is just the invitation; the rest belongs to God. We have swallowed a terrible philosophy — “success” — and have lost the art of faithful failure’. God must lead the invitation, not us.

The 2019 ‘Weekend of Invitation’ is June 21-23. Details of the scheme can be obtained from

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