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January 2012


Christian and secular organisations are throwing their weight behind a campaign called Faithfulness Matters.
    The campaign, a joint effort involving such groups as think-tank Theos, the Evangelical Alliance, the Jubilee Centre and Restored — which seeks to end violence against women — aims to prevent people making money from breaking up relationships.
    Faithfulness Matters has already challenged companies who run websites that specifically encourage people who are married or in committed relationships to have affairs.
    In the campaign statement, it said, ‘We believe this is not legitimate business for responsible companies to be involved in and we want them to withdraw from the partnerships they are in to run such websites’.
    At a time of great social upheaval, when the Government has pledged to put the family first and there is a need for children to be brought up in loving, stable family relationships, websites and personal adverts that explicitly encourage and make money from extramarital affairs must be stopped.
    The movement is open to everyone who endorses the mission statement, not just Christian groups.

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