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Family – Welsh smacking ban ‘a priority’

September 2018

Carwyn Jones
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The Welsh First Minister says banning smacking in Wales will be one of his top priorities during his final months in office. Carwyn Jones will step down as First Minister in December, but in his annual statement he outlined plans for new laws he wants the Welsh Assembly to pass in the next year.

The campaign group Be Reasonable is opposing the plans. Spokeswoman Lowri Turner called the Welsh Government’s latest push ‘tragic’. She said, ‘The tragedy is that in the name of protecting children the Welsh Government is actually going to put children in more danger.  Social workers who should be looking for at risk children will be too busy with good parents who have been criminalised for smacking.’

Under questioning from opposition members, Carwyn Jones admitted his proposal leaves parents at risk of ‘technical criminalisation’. He said, ‘Could that lead to more prosecutions? It could.’

The mother-of-one, Mrs Turner also accused Jones of hypocrisy, saying: ‘The First Minister smacked his own children. But fortunately for him the new ban will not be retrospective. It’s one rule for him and another rule for the rest of us.’

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