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Fight right to die

July 2013

Anti-euthanasia organisation SPUC Pro-Life is vowing to fight against a Bill to legalise assisted dying. The Bill, introduced by Lord Falconer in the House of Lords in May, has been described by SPUC as a ‘new onslaught on disabled and vulnerable people’.

      The organisation says that previous attempts to undermine the right to life of elderly and disabled people have met with strong opposition in the House of Lords, but the increasing costs of looking after frail, elderly people may be leading euthanasia supporters to think the government will eventually lend its support to such a measure.

      Paul Tully, SPUC’s general secretary, said, ‘We saw “Martin”, Paul Lamb and Jane Nicklinson renew the legal attacks on the right to life through the courts. This means that disabled people and elderly people are in the firing-line from several directions at once’.

      Mr Tully added: ‘We are also seeing disturbing abuses of palliative care, through incentivised pathways, for example, which are being used to hasten or bring about death in many cases.

      ‘The pressure is on health trusts to put budgets before good care. This situation is being exploited by those who think that people with limited lives or serious disabilities should be helped to die. We will be collaborating with disability rights groups, health professionals and pro-life politicians to resist Lord Falconer’s proposals with all our strength’.



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