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Gaulby Festival of Grace: ‘A closer walk with God’

January 2020 | by Adrian Freer

Kevin Bidwell preaching
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The twentieth Gaulby Festival of Grace was held in September at Countesthorpe Baptist Church in Leicestershire. Around sixty people attended the day conference under the theme: ‘A closer walk with God’.

Kevin Bidwell outlined the work of Sheffield Presbyterian Church. Their vision is to promote confessional Presbyterianism in Sheffield. They have planted churches in Salford as well as Berlin, Germany. A further church plant is planned for Lincoln.

Kevin also described the work of the Sheffield Pregnancy Advice Centre. The centre possesses the latest ultrasound equipment and we saw models of the development of babies following conception.

Alec Taylor (author and retired minister of Chelmsley Wood Baptist Church) spoke about the 18th century poet and hymn writer, William Cowper. He was an emotionally fragile individual, suffering from depression and mental illness. He moved to Olney, Buckinghamshire in 1768 to be under the ministry of John Newton.

In the final session, Kevin Bidwell examined the Servant Song in Isaiah 50:4-11, a passage which stands as a prophetic portrait of Jesus Christ.

We sang Cowper’s glorious hymn, O for a closer walk with God, in closing. A bookstall and buffet tea then accompanied an excellent time of fellowship after the day’s talks.

The occasion also saw the launch of the English translation of the Slovakian title, The True Stories of the Little Princes and Princesses by Jozef Kováč — an account of the spiritually transformed lives of children following gospel preaching.

Adrian Freer

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