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Gay marriage

January 2014

An Irish writer and blogger has come out against gay marriage, at a time when the Irish government is debating following the UK’s lead in redefining marriage. What is different about Paddy Manning is that he is a gay man seeking equal rights for homosexuals.

In a blog post, ‘Never hit on vice squad — why I’m not for same sex marriage’, which was published in the Irish Daily Mirror, Mr Manning said he wanted the state to keep out of his relationships and out of his life.

Mr Manning said the equality agenda on marriage was not about giving gay people rights, but taking away the importance of a man and woman bringing up a child together, and giving politicians a vote-winner. He said, ‘Same-sex marriage is not some warm fluffy equality bunny, it’s a bare-faced state power grab.

‘The state gets to entirely remake marriage, not as the man/woman/child model we’ve inherited from 10,000 years of history and across all cultures but as an anything-goes irrelevant partnership agreement between adults’.

He claimed, ‘Only a man and a woman have children despite every fantasy the gender-busters want us to believe. Every child has a right to that natural life. Same-sex marriage asks us to ignore reality’.



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