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Gay marriage

November 2013

David Cameron has back-pedalled on alleged comments of regret over pushing his gay marriage agenda.
    In a Daily Mail review of Matthew d’Ancona’s book In it together, Mr Cameron is alleged to have said he wouldn’t have pushed through gay marriage had he known beforehand how alienated grassroots members would feel.
    According to the report, the Prime Minister told one colleague, ‘If I’d known what it was going to be like, I wouldn’t have done it’.
    In an interview after the book was published, Mr Cameron said, ‘It’s clearly been very difficult for some people to take on, and I completely understand and respect that’.
    However, he followed this with an interview with the BBC, in which he said, ‘I am passionate about marriage. I think it’s a great institution, and I think it should be available to people who are gay as well as those of us who aren’t’.

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