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GBP Scotland

September 2012 | by Ali McLachlan

GBP Scotland

Dundee and Wick witnessed many conversations over the summer as the team from Grace Baptist Partnership (GBP) Scotland went out to bring the gospel to people.
    According to the latest GBP update, many people attended the open air preaching in Dundee in July, including some Chinese and Polish men who received literature.
    Pastor Ali McLachlan, general secretary of GBP Scotland, and Andy Corkhill distributed literature and followed up with a door-to-door witness.
    There were many reasons to praise God for the week of evangelism at Wick, including the production of tracts, enrolment of volunteers, offers of hospitality, opportunities at schools and music festivals, provision of finance and increasing prayer.
    The week kicked off on 11 August, when the gospel was preached on the doorstep and playing field; on the street and over coffee. Testimonies were given and messages were preached in the Lord’s house.
Ali McLachlan

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