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General election

May 2015

Christian organisations and charities have launched several resources to help Christians decide how to vote in the upcoming general election.

As soon as Prime Minister David Cameron handed in his official resignation to HM the Queen, Christian Concern tweeted that it would be launching a set of its own resources to ‘help you use your voice and your vote for Jesus this general election’. It is currently tweeting, using the hashtag #voicethenvote.

The Evangelical Alliance’s microsite,, has been launched to provide a raft of information to Christians about the elections, what church leaders are calling for, and how to organise an election hustings.

The site also provides a link to help people register to vote in the General Election, with videos highlighting the importance of ‘showing up’. The slogan is ‘Participate, don’t just commentate’.

Meanwhile, pro-life charity CARE has also created a platform to help Christians engage actively and in an informed way with the general election. In a statement, it said, ‘ has been designed to inform, engage and equip Christians simply and effectively to make the most of the 38 days left until polling day on 7 May’.

It will bring voting history, details of local hustings, issues on family, life and justice, as well as other current political issues, blogs and details about how to contact prospective parliamentary candidates.

A recent poll from local radio BBC Radio Suffolk found that 57 per cent of general election candidates in the county would identify themselves as Christian. Only the Green Party had no candidates identifying as ‘Christian’ in Suffolk.

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