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Geoff Cox (1946-2019)

May 2019 | by David Fielding

Geoff & Ruth Cox
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‘If any reference is made to me then my faults and failings must be faithfully mentioned, and any qualities and achievements must be attributed to the grace of God.’

With these words, Geoff Cox instructed those who would conduct his funeral and thanksgiving service. It was truly characteristic of the man who over 200 family and friends gathered to remember and thank God for on 14 March.

Welcome Hall Evangelical Church in Catshill, near Bromsgrove, was packed as those leading the service gracefully pushed the boundaries of Geoff’s request!

John Parker, Geoff’s brother-in-law, reflected on his family and work. Geoff had experienced two careers: one as an electrical engineer and one as a physics teacher. He then joined the Open Air Mission in 2018.

Even after retirement and moving to Catshill, Geoff continued to serve as an associate evangelist, faithfully preaching the gospel in various locations in the West Midlands.

Douglas Young, an Open Air Mission colleague, spoke of Geoff’s six ‘P’s: progression, preaching, prayers, play, photography and planning.

Geoff came to know Jesus Christ as his Lord and Saviour in 1969. It was a shock to all when the Lord called Geoff home in quite tragic circumstances, but in God’s perfect providence there are no accidents and heaven witnessed an expected arrival.

‘Preach the gospel at my funeral’ was Geoff’s instruction. Pastor Jeremy Brooks clearly and winsomely did so from Ephesians 2. What a joy it was to hear such truths expounded and pressed home with passion and tenderness.

Geoff will be greatly missed by many, especially his widow Ruth and his wider family. The friendship, care and catering following the thanksgiving service was indicative of the support and love that the church family at Welcome Hall will provide to Ruth in the future.

David Fielding

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