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Give students a taste of the gospel this summer

June 2016 | by Claire Povey

Exam season is looming. It goes without saying that these next few months will be a stressful time for sixth formers. Parents across the country will testify to kitchen tables being completely lost under a sea of haribo packets, lucozade bottles and textbooks.

As the future hurtles its way closer, it is incredible that believing students across the country are making space to think about their friends.

A gift with a difference

Festive has launched its ‘free give away’ campaign for a second year running. Students and chaplains, amidst revision madness, are prayerfully thinking about how they can give away free copies of Beyond beans on toast to students leaving for university this summer.

This ‘evangelistic survival manual’ is packed with top tips, tasty recipes and stories of students that went to uni and found new life in the Lord Jesus.

Last year, we asked you to pray that our Father in heaven would do ‘immeasurably more than all we could ask or imagine’and use this book to reach unchurched students. Well, he certainly did!

All of the 1000 sponsored copies were sent to Christian Unions and chaplains, who gave bundles away through leavers BBQ’s, results day stalls, leavers’ assemblies and more.

Thousands of copies

Copies went out in 30 colleges and sixth forms across Cambridge, Oxford, Sussex, Essex, Suffolk, Surrey, London, Wiltshire, Berkshire, Warwickshire, Lancashire, Hertfordshire, Manchester, North Wales and Belfast!

A student from a college CU in London emailed in, ‘The package arrived just before our annual college leavers’ service. I was able to not only give away copies to those who attended the CU, but also those 2nd year students who came to the service. The feedback has been amazing. More students wished to receive a copy, but we ran out on the day; they were that popular!’

Students, chaplains and teachers can order up to 50 free copies from again, this year, to give away at their college or sixth form. Please pray that even more seeds are sown in 2016!

Praise God for bold grandmas!

Though Beyond beans on toast was primarily written as a resource thatstudents could give away confidently, we have been amazed by the response from faithful grandmas, aunts, uncles and parents. Many bought copies for believing and unbelieving loved ones. Well over 5,000 copies were given away!

One aunt commented, ‘I gave a copy to my nephew who really loves the Lord. He deliberately kept the book in his shared kitchen in his halls. He says it’s the most thumbed book on their floor! He often comes in to catch friends reading one of the testimonies while they are cooking one of the recipes.’

Plentiful harvest

The harvest is plentiful, let’s sow the seed. Students may be apprehensive, excited or plain stressed out about the future. Why not point them to the One who offers ‘life to the full’, in Christ, this summer!

For ideas how you could give away Beyond beans on Toast in your situation, visit:

Check out to see a preview of the book and get fantastic discounts for copies to give away.

Claire Povey

[email protected]

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