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Global: MAF is flying Covid vaccines to world’s poorest and most remote places

July 2021 | by Evangelical Times

Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) has been working with local agencies to deliver much-needed Covid-19 vaccines to the world’s poorest countries.

The Christian ministry has also been helping with the delivery of testing kits and personal protective equipment.

MAF has been working in several countries, including Guatemala, Madagascar, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, and South Sudan.

Speaking to Premier Christian News, MAF international’s CEO Dave Fyock said that some of the charity’s aeroplanes are now kitted out with the means of transporting the Covid vaccine.

He said, ‘I know that in Madagascar, it was an Indian version of the vaccine. It really then depends on which vaccine comes as to what our part will be and how we play.

‘So as you know, the vaccines require a cold chain for the distribution. But those vary greatly from Pfizer, which requires a very deep cold chain, to your Russian, Indian, and Chinese versions that do not require as cold a temperature.’

Fyock added, ‘We operate in 27 countries with aircraft in those locations. And we work within whatever the government is doing in that country. So we have only delivered vaccines in four countries at this point.

‘All the other countries may have had vaccines arrive in some of the larger cities, but they’re not reaching out into the remote populations yet. So we’re prepared to fly, but we’ve actually to date only flown in four countries.

‘You probably are familiar with the with the acronym COVAX, which is part of the UN’s process for distributing to the 92 poorest countries in the world.

‘And if you read their information, it will be into the middle of next year until a number of countries actually have received any meaningful amounts of vaccines.’

When asked how Christians can help, Fyock said, ‘First and foremost all of us can pray. And so, as we pray for this world, pray that God will allow us to play a significant role in actually getting the vaccines where they are needed. So that’s one.’

He also said that national lockdowns in poorer countries are having detrimental impacts on the distribution of food supplies and educational provision. MAF is seeking to address those needs too.

MAF was established in the aftermath of WWII with the idea of using aeroplanes to positively spread the peace of God – rather than negatively to spread the conflict of man.

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