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Grace Baptist Mission Day

January 2019 | by Peter Logie

‘Facing a task unfinished, that drives us to our knees, a need that undiminished, rebukes our slothful ease’. Although written almost 90 years ago these words from the hymn by Frank Houghton are as true today as they were then.

Some 700 believers from Grace Baptist Churches all over the UK gathered for the 2018 Grace Baptist Mission Annual Mission Day, the theme of which was ‘Every People, Every Nation — Committing Ourselves to the Task Unfinished.’

During a stimulating and challenging day missionaries spoke of their work including church planting in Poland, Bible translation in West Africa, ministry to Asian women in the UK, and 60 fruitful years of radio work.

Pastor Keith Johns reminded us of Paul’s dedication, expressed in his second letter to Timothy, to bring the gospel to those of the elect who had not yet heard it. The Word of God will bring salvation to all the elect.

Over 40 per cent of the world’s population, some 2.4 billion people, have never heard the gospel, but Pastor David Campbell from North Preston Evangelical Church spoke about Paul’s great preaching the gospel in Rome.

Thanks to many one-off gifts, GBM’s financial position had improved, and significant cost savings have been made.

Our cause is in the hands of our sovereign, all-wise Lord, and its outcome is sure and so no matter what our circumstances are, we can be of good cheer as we labour for Him.

Peter Logie

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