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Halstead Grace Baptist Church is formally constituted

February 2021 | by Sonja Campbell-Scott

David Last, Mick Lockwood, Graham Field, Ian Jemmett, Barry King
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Despite Covid-19 restrictions, Halstead Grace Baptist Church in Essex recently held a thanksgiving service to formally mark the constitution of the church as an independent fellowship and to recognise Graham Field as pastor.

Former church secretary Brian Rayner gave an overview of HGBC’s history before Barry King (Grace Baptist Partnership) spoke. He reminded us that neither he who plants nor he who waters is anything, for only God gives the growth.

He spoke of GBP’s involvement with the work at Halstead. After temporary closure in 2008, services at HGBC resumed in 2010 when Regan King (The Angel Church, Islington) began ministering there.

From 2012, Graham Field became regularly involved, and in 2013 moved to Halstead with his family. Graham mentioned some of the trials and difficulties of the work, but also the overwhelming joy and privilege of serving God at Halstead.

He thanked those who had prayed and related how God had brought two couples to join and strengthen the work, and how others had also come to faith, baptism, and membership.

Ian Jemmett (Bethersden Baptist Church) and others prayed for Graham and HGBC. Mick Lockwood (Hall Green Baptist Church) preached, urging us all to recognise the importance of pastors contending for the faith (Jude 3) and the local church being the pillar of God’s truth (1 Timothy 3:15).

Afterwards we enjoyed sweet fellowship and light refreshments (albeit from a safe distance), reminding ourselves afresh that we have much to thank God for.

Sonja Campbell-Scott

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