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Hibernian heritage

February 2012

Hibernian heritage

The Free Church of Scotland (Continuing) has defended its stance against parliamentary policies to classify civil and homosexual partnerships as marriage despite strong complaints.
    In a statement from its Northern Presbytery, the FCoSC said, ‘Any proposals to permit homosexual “marriage” amount to a direct attack on the teaching of the Bible and a repudiation of Scotland’s Christian heritage.
    ‘Presbytery notes a united Christian witness took take place outside the Scottish Parliament on 8 December 2011 to oppose legalisation of this’.
    The statement also mentioned that Rev. James Gracie, minister of the Edinburgh FCoSC congregation, had taken part in the Call Kaye programme on Radio Scotland, on 8 December.
    In his contributions on the programme, he gave a ‘clear exposition’ of the biblical teaching regarding marriage, although ‘complaints regarding some of what Mr Gracie said on the radio have been made to the police and to the BBC’.
    ‘The Northern Presbytery supports the united Christian witness as an appropriate means of witnessing to unequivocal biblical teaching regarding marriage. It also supports Mr Gracie fully in his clear exposition of Christian marriage as taught in the Bible’.

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