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Hitchin outreach week centres on preaching rather than social events

October 2019 | by Tom Forryan

Barry King
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A week of evangelism was held to celebrate 150 years since the construction of Grace Baptist Church in Hitchin. ‘Big Answers’ was the focus of the outreach. A team, including members of Grace Baptist Partnership, went into Hitchin town centre daily to engage passers-by with the gospel.

Evangelistic evening meetings were held and issues commonly raised by sceptics were addressed. ‘Do I have to go to church to be a Christian? My life is fine – I don’t need God, do I? How do I know God is real?’ These questions were explored and biblical answers were given.

Pastor Tom Forryan spoke of the fellowship in Hitchin as, ‘A small church with a big message. Our membership is ageing and less than twenty in number, but we want to do all that we can to make Christ known in a town of over 33,000 people’.

Why did the church use formal meetings with speakers rather than social events preceding a brief talk? Pastor Forryan said, ‘In Acts, Paul and others evangelised by preaching to gatherings of non-Christians.

Geoff Thomas
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‘They communicated in other ways too, of course, but whenever they could, they preached, and these were evidently substantial evangelistic messages. Formal preaching was central. We wanted to be faithful to their method as well as their message’.

For a small church, the turnout was encouraging, ranging from thirteen to twenty-nine people, including several visitors.

Speakers included Geoff Thomas at the Saturday anniversary meeting and Barry King for two of the midweek evangelistic messages. All talks are available on the church website (

Tom Forryan

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