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Home school registration plans unveiled

May 2019

Plans to force home-schooling families in England to register with their local authority have been unveiled by the government, drawing great concern.

The current law does not require parents to notify the authorities that they are educating their children at home, although some councils run a voluntary register.

Many home-schoolers will be wary of increasing state regulation and unnecessary intrusion into family life.

But Education Secretary Damian Hinds said the government had a duty to make sure children were ‘safe’ and receiving a ‘good’ education.

Hinds said a register would also help the authorities spot young people who may be receiving a ‘solely religious’ education.

Rhian Joy, from Suffolk, home educates two of her three children as they have special educational needs.

She told the BBC, ‘Why should I have to sign a register and have someone come into my home and question the education that I am providing for my child?’

She added, ‘Who’s to say that if I don’t agree with what they’re suggesting or saying… who then governs that?’

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