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Inaugural TBS auxiliary meetings

June 2020

Essex auxiliary
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Across Britain, several inaugural meetings of Trinitarian Bible Society auxiliaries took place in January and February.

The first gathering of the South West branch occurred in January at Beacon Park Baptist Church, Plymouth. Over 40 TBS supporters from local churches in Cornwall and Devon attended.

As with other inaugural meetings, the TBS’s Joe Sayers was present and gave an illustrated presentation on the purposes of auxiliaries.

They serve to distribute Bibles to various public institutions such as prisons, care homes, and schools. He also shared encouraging reports of the work of other auxiliaries.

Revd John Thackway, also of the TBS, preached from John 17 on the gracious verdict of Christ concerning his apostles: ‘They have kept thy word.’

Southwest auxiliary
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The meeting encouraged all present. The South West auxiliary joins a growing number of other branches in the UK, America, and Canada.

Further east, the Essex, Suffolk, and Norfolk auxiliary held an inaugural meeting in Frinton-on-sea in February.

Revd Kyle Paisley (Oulton Broad Free Presbyterian Church, Lowestoft) chairs the new group and opened the meeting.

The Rt Revd Edward Malcolm (bishop of the Church of England (Continuing)) preached from Matthew 5, exploring the location, occasion, and method of Christ’s Sermon on the Mount.

Revd Malcolm emphasised why the work of the new auxiliary is needed, affirming the critical role of God’s Word in the conversion of sinners and the spiritual growth of believers.

South Scotland auxiliary
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North of the border, Motherwell hosted an equivalent meeting, also in February. Around 65 people attended.

Chair of the new South Scotland auxiliary, Revd James Gracie, explained that it was an expansion of an existing auxiliary which covered Glasgow.

This constitutes the largest geographical area of any TBS auxiliary, covering 23 council areas across more than half of mainland Scotland — some 4.2 million souls in all.

Revd Craig Dennison addressed why Scripture distribution should be prioritised. He outlined biblical principles to motivate us in bringing God’s Word to perishing sinners.

It was especially heart-warming to have many children present. The account of Mary Jones and her Bible was shared with them. Her story helped launch a movement to spread the Word of God throughout the world — a work the TBS endeavours to continue.

Vice-chair of the auxiliary, Revd David Campbell, closed with a passionate exhortation to support the work of the auxiliary.

By Jonathan Munday, Philip Lievesley & Matthew Vogan

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