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January 2015

In April 2015, a state-of-the-art school will be built in India, to lift 80 children from the dust to become ‘princes’, Roger Berrie, founder of ministry Morning Star has said.

Mr Berrie, a member of Enderby Mission Church, Leicestershire, has been working to help the slum children of India for 19 years, after he first was led by God to help them.

Initially, the team started by preaching to children in the slums in 1996. A church was being built nearby by another Christian family, so most of the children that were being reached by Morning Star were able to attend the church for Sunday worship and weekly Bible studies.

In 2006, Morning Star was allowed by the church to welcome up to 36 residential children, to live and learn in the church premises. This included providing food, shelter and medical care.

However, more children were in need, and more funding was required, and finally, in 2015, the new residential school buildings will open to help more children.

It has taken seven years to complete since the first piece of land was purchased. The school will include classrooms, bedrooms and staff accommodation. The team also bought a plot of land, where they plan to build a hostel for teenage girls. When funds permit, more land and property is available to purchase for sports, recreation and accommodation for volunteers.

Mr Berrie added: ‘My heart’s desire will always be to see the children responding positively to God’s love in a life-transforming way. The future is now in God’s mighty hands: a hospital, Bible college, university and businesses to fund the ongoing work.

‘The potential of God’s grace working in the children’s lives for His glory is limitless’.


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