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India persecution

April 2014

Some 4000 people have died in India in 2013 as a result of anti-Christian violence, a report has said.

According to a report by the Catholic Christian Secular Forum (CSF), in association with the Evangelical Fellowship of India, Global Council of Indian Christians and All India Christian Council, there were 200 major incidents including seven murders, documented last year.

The report into the violence, which was mostly carried out by Hindu extremists, said that more than 1000 victims were women, and approximately 500 children.

In August, a 30-year-old Christian woman was raped and killed in Bakoudi village, Madhya Pradesh. She had been stabbed repeatedly and strangled with her own sari. Two Hindu suspects were arrested but subsequently released.

More than 400 church and community leaders were targeted, and there were around 100 attacks on churches or worship meetings.

The CSF report said that most persecution goes unreported, because the police refuse to record it, victims are often too afraid to come forward, and domestic media can be uninterested or biased.





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