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Induction – Spring Meadow, Cradley Heath

March 2016 | by David Marlow

Saturday 16 January was a special day at Spring Meadow Baptist Church, Cradley Heath, in the English Midlands. A congregation of 150 came together to welcome Julian Eisner and his wife Susan, and to witness Mr Eisner’s induction to the pastorate.

Folk travelled from Scotland, Manchester, Durham, Leicestershire, Suffolk, Kent, Somerset and Chester and other locations, to be there on a cold, but fine and sunny day. Two of the church’s previous pastors joined the occasion.

The rousing singing of the opening hymn ‘Now thank we all our God’ set the scene. Derek Lewis, a church elder, acted as chairman, and David Marlow, fellow elder and church secretary, gave a report on the remarkable way God had led the church and Mr Eisner to each other.

The leading together came in a way not dissimilar to the meeting featured in Genesis 24. Mr Eisner spoke of God clearly guiding him and his wife, and of clear answers to their specific prayers.

Mr Lewis took Mr Eisner and the Spring Meadow church members through the induction, before Jim Waterworth, from Upton Baptist Church, Chester, brought God’s Word to pastor and church, from Acts 4:31-38 and 20:17-38.

The offerings given were presented as a love gift to Mr and Mrs Eisner. A buffet tea followed, allowing everyone the opportunity of fellowship with friends old and new.

The church at Spring Meadow actively seeks readers’ prayers as the work goes forward. All that has happened is thankfully acknowledged as ‘the Lord’s doing, which is marvellous in our eyes’.

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