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International – African Bible college conference

September 2018

One of Mukhanyo Theological College’s annual highlights is the Bible College Consultation, which this year took place from 19 to 21 June in Pretoria, South Africa.

It was attended by some 100 delegates from more than 30 evangelical and Reformed Bible colleges, as well as other Christian missionary institutions, from 12 countries all over Africa. All together they represented many thousands of theological students.

The theme was ‘Theological education for God’s mission in Africa’. Eighteen sessions were held in addition to a number of discussions, and of course plenty of time for fellowship and networking.

The purpose was to discuss what the Bible teaches us about the preparation for ministry, to be able to serve the church, to equip all believers and to spread the word.

Some of the key points we learned were that the worldview of students must be drastically shaped and reshaped according to Scripture. In the light of the enormous spread of false teachings in Africa, it is essential to know and understand God’s Word and be able to argue and defend it.

Students must be made aware of the long list of false teaching such as humanism in curricula, aspects of cultures negatively affecting the right understanding of the Bible, attempts to fuse biblical values with idols such as traditional animism and the modern prosperity gospel.

Furthermore, Islam is growing thick and fast in Africa, with mosques being built everywhere. Do we know how to bring Jesus and his gospel to them in a way as effective as possible? How shall we build bridges and ask the right questions, such as what a Muslim thinks about ‘through grace alone’?

In addition, there is an emergence of other false religions such as Mormonism, Jehovah’s Witnesses and other common cults, as well as a number of upcoming African sects and false prophets. But students must be convinced that Christianity is the only religion which saves one out of grace alone. God gives you faith and his grace. You can’t earn eternal life by doing good deeds such as is required by all other religions.

We also learned it is important to plant churches, true; but it is vital to promote their viability by biblical preaching and pastoring, and getting church members involved and taking responsibility, also training elders and deacons.

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