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International – ‘ChurchToo’ scandals rock US ministries

October 2018

Pastor Dean Curry
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Pastor Dean Curry, from the Life Center Assembly of God church in Tacoma, Washington, has been fired over alleged misconduct with a former church employee.

The Christian Post received a statement from the Assemblies of God’s Northwest District Council, which stated the decision had been based on the ‘testimony of two or more witnesses’ about alleged misconduct with a former church employee.

However, Pastor Curry has maintained his innocence with regard to the allegations. According to reports, Pastor Curry had been accused of historical misconduct with female employees and other women.

It is understood those claims had been investigated by the board of Life Center Assembly of God while he continued to lead the 4,500-member church.

Speaking to The News Tribune, Pastor Curry said, ‘There is no witness to this accusation. None’. He also is reported to have told his church it would make him an adulterer if the claims were true, but stressed he has never been unfaithful to his wife.

This comes shortly after Bill Hybels stepped down as senior pastor of Illinois mega-church Willow Creek, after being accused of sexual misconduct — which he has denied. Following his departure, many senior leaders have also resigned their posts, as reported in the September edition of Evangelical Times.

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